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Yutian Liu’s Slide from Recognition to Misidentification
Solo Exhibition Review by Tong Liu

The article by Tong Liu explores Yutian Liu's solo exhibition, Grammar, which features brightly colored flags and minimalist designs to challenge the viewer's perception and understanding of symbols and language.

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First Solo Exhibition in Chicago: GRAMMAR, June-July 2024, free range gallery

Yutian Liu’s first solo show, Grammar, showcases her flag works, paintings, and prints created from 2022 to 2024, reflecting her ongoing fascination with signs and shapes and her journey of exploration. 


June 14 - July 5, 2024

free range, 3257 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL.

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Group Show: Gato Encerrado/Locked Cat at Compound Yellow in Oak Park, IL

This special exhibition will take place in the private residence of Laura Shaeffer and Andrew Nord in Oak Park. They invited the artists to intervene in ways such as adding, subtracting, editing, erasing, suggesting, removing, or reigniting elements as they see fit. Yutian Liu has contributed two new pieces for this show: one on the balcony windows and another in the doorway. Also featured are two of Liu's paper collages, created shortly after arriving in the US.

May 4 - August, 2024

244 Lake St, Oak Park, IL.


Group Show: Grid Luck at Mayfield in Forest Park, IL

As we navigate life’s uncertainties some use regulated methodologies as a guide and tool for exercising freedom. Interconnectedness, spirituality, existential questioning and the human experience are manifested and methodically considered in this collective presentation. Although it seems contradictory, uncertainty and societal bondages have been overcome or momentarily halted through the use of a framework.This exhibition presents works by artists who employ the use of the grid as a generative force and a lens to re-envision the world.

Yutian Liu showed one of her flag series and a new iteration of her previous paper cut work about instruction posters of many kinds of human activities.


April 4 - July, 2024

505 Marengo Ave, Forest Park, IL

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