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10张,每张29.2 × 29.2 cm


This is a series of symbolic and graphic paper cuts paper cut displayed on the balcony windows, now on view at Compound Yellow until July, 2024. This piece is part of the group exhibition Gato Encerrado. Designed to welcome and warm up visitors before entering the house, the paper cuts draw attention to and enliven the three sides of the house and the entire yard. I'm fascinated by the idea of a pacing man looping around the window, mirroring the viewers' movement as they loop around the building in the yard.


Gato Encerrado/Locked Cat gathers the work of eighteen multigenerational Chicago-based artists whose practices align with those of the organizer, who assembled an exhibition in response to a home in transition. The artists received a written invitation, a tour of the space, and significant freedom to respond to the entirety of Laura Shaeffer’s and Andrew Nord’s Oak Park home with their interventions.

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