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"Two Story"at Comfort Station, Chicago, IL, 2023

Certain images provided by Jess Bass

The Waving Flag


Double-sided screen-printed cut provided polyester

3 × 5 feet

This flag is specifically created for the outdoor exhibition, Two Story, as it directly responds to the given prompt on the theme of home.

Home, for me, is a place across the Pacific Ocean—a place of perpetual departures and heartfelt returns, of farewells and reunions. My exploration of cut-out flags has been ongoing, yet this show sparked a novel endeavor to incorporate a more figurative element into my work. I utilized my drawing from 2020, featuring an intricate array of shapes spanning the space between a hand and the grass, as a pattern for the flag. This design resonates with the gallery’s grassy field space, creating a harmonious blend of art and site.

During the I am Logan Square Festival, from June 23 - 25, 2023, this flag was prominently displayed on the scaffold at Comfort Station, establishing a visual conversation with the community and those attending the festival.

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