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Pareidolia (Handbound Book)


Perfect bound hard cover book, laser printing, inkjet printing, and screen printing on the cover

4" × 4” × H1/2”

Books are available, DM the artist

Pareidolia means the human's tendency to seek patterns in random information. This rotary-flip book is inspired by Henry Moore’s sculpture, Nuclear Energy when I visited the University of Chicago. Without knowing the context at first glance, I misinterpreted Moore’s work as a helmet. Based upon this misinterpretation, I became interested in abstracting an image into an icon—to exaggerate the pareidolia tendency I experienced while looking at Moore’s work. By changing the location of the dots, I developed a series of icons in a similar type. Some could be seen as an identifiable something, so it gets its identifying name below it; yet some couldn’t be recognized as something specific, so I give a made-up word of my own linguistic concoction. 


Appropriating the format of kid’s educational flash cards—but crossing the border between sense and nonsense—this “book” is lightheartedly mimicking the human learning process by assigning or recognizing a “name.” 

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