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Dawn Wonder-Room


15 × 15 cm each

Ink and gouache on paper

This project began when I first came to the U.S. in 2021, when I had some bizarre dreams that made it hard to forget even when I woke up. I have been recording these strange or interesting dreams ever since.


The wonder-room (also called the cabinet of curiosities) is the forerunner of the museum.  The European aristocrats of the Renaissance collected rare and odd objects from all over the world and stored and displayed them in their respective wonder-rooms as a microcosm of reality; while I try to capture those strange and unforgettable pictures in my sleep and record them as a collection, a study. My hidden subconsciousness absorbs and reconstructs the world,  creating a theater of personal memory. This irrational way for painting serve as a mirror to peer into my own inexplicable fears, latent desires, unknown violence, and at the same time, boring fun and funny boredom.

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