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Pareidolia (Print)


Offset lithograph, 13-1/4" × 8-1/4”, cover weight paper

Limited edition of 45, signed and numbered

​Available for purchase $10, DM the artist

Pareidolia means the human's tendency to seek patterns in random information. This rotary-flip book is inspired by Henry Moore’s sculpture, Nuclear Energy when I visited the University of Chicago. Without knowing the context at first glance, I misinterpreted Moore’s work as a helmet. Based upon this misinterpretation, I became interested in abstracting an image into an icon—to exaggerate the pareidolia tendency I experienced while looking at Moore’s work. By changing the location of the dots, I developed a series of icons in a similar type. Some could be seen as an identifiable something, so it gets its identifying name below it; yet some couldn’t be recognized as something specific, so I give a made-up word of my own linguistic concoction. 

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