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Yutian Liu’s work plays with signs and shapes. The result appears in the form of imagery and graphics made with fiber, print media, and the widely extended idea of the "artist's book." 

Her practice always deals with systems. The Navigation: Flags in Flux references the maritime signal flag pattern system. This system is a substitute visual one in the event that language cannot be transmitted between vessels, recognized by her as a linguistic system. In the Pareidolia, the rotary-flip book, words and icons are not calling attention to themselves, but to the cognition and naming system they build. By employing humor and nonsense, she takes systems and existing disciplines and use them to generate something creative and interesting, playing with constraints in order to form new connections within them. 


Yutian received a MFA degree in Printmedia in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a BFA degree of Printmaking from China Central Academy of Fine Arts.


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