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Kitchen Writing


Burned newsprint paper

6 parts, 33.5 × 192 cm, 76 × 212 cm, 59.5 × 308 cm, 76 × 238 cm, 40 × 192 cm, 76 × 214 cm

After baking the frozen waffles one day, I noticed that the parchment paper turned to a darker color, leaving a white circular pattern only in the place of the waffles. So I began to see the oven as an interesting way to produce images. I used longer and larger pieces of newsprint paper, folded, rolled up and twisted them sort of like making bread, then baked them in the oven, took them out, and then unrolled them.  The color of the bottom of the rolls darken as the heat comes from the bottom of the oven, but at the same time the shape of the grill remains white, so when I unfold it, I can get various repeating patterns. In the kitchen, a place with obvious fixed steps and actions, I somewhat subverted the usual way of using the machine. The large baked papers themselves can be seen as graphic works that are simultaneously printmaking, tie-dye, and typewriting, but they can also be seen as the residue of a performance.

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